Thousand separator in NumberField

I have observed that when implementing NumberField and a NumberField in a table, the output format is not consistent: in the table appears a β€˜,’ as thousands separator while in the standard NumberField not.
Is it possible to make this format consistent? In the case I’m currently working, I would prefer to have always to have thousands separator.


Hi Fulei,

Thanks for posting. I see some related topics on the forum as well (Decimal notation table input option Dutch, Scientific notation in NumberFields). Concluding from those I think part of the decimal separator is governed by your (or your users’) browser settings. Though I have to say that the Table has had a bit of a restructure over the past months, which may have had an effect on its behaviour in this regard.
Nonetheless I agree with you that whatever determines the separator behaviour, it should be consistent throughout the product. So I will discuss this topic with our Front-End team and keep you updated on their actions in this thread.