Filter child entities in childentitymanager on other properties besides

This request is related to this question by @fzhou (link). DIfficulty for end users lies in the fact that the names of child entities are uuids, so not anythin recognizable or memorable. The child entities are shown in a childentitymanager icm a few columns of summary items that are usefull (and human readable), but searching can only be done based on entity names.

Description of the limitation and why it is relevant to address

As a user I want to filter child entities in a child entity manager on other properties besides the name so that i can easily find an entity if i have a large set of them

I think this is relevant for the VIKTOR platform because it increases usabillity for end users

Submitter proposed design (optional)

Allow the “search by name” field to also point to other columns shown in the childentitymanager (so by default also “last modified” but also any summary items)

Current workarounds

Have some optionfields in another tab, in combination with a webview in which i show a list of relevant child entities based on the optionfields, including links. The workflow for the user is that they select some options, then trigger the view and we use the API_v1 to find relevant entities and show them (with a clickable link) in the webview.