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We want to add filter options to ‘Mijn projecten’ (see picture). Now we only have ‘Naam’, ‘Locatie’ & ‘Laatst gewijzigd’. Is there a possibility to add columns? And is it possible to search on other columns than ‘Naam’?

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Colin Groen

Hi Colin,

You can add more columns, this is called a summary, more info can be found here: Results & visualizations - Show a summary | VIKTOR Documentation. It looks like you already have one, as only “name” and “last changed” are there by default. A summary item “location” was probably already added.

Here is an example how that looks in the UI:

You can not search in the summary, however you can filter the columns either from smallest to largest / largest to smallest or alphabetically, by clicking next to the column name. Would that solve your need?

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Thanks Paulien,

That will help me further. Not sure if the sorting will do it, but I’m going to try to make it work.

Hi Colin,

In case it is not sufficient, feel free to let us know, and also why it is not a good solution for you. That will help us inform potential future developments.

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Hi Paulien,

Thanks for your reply. However, I think only sorting is not sufficient for our use case. Let me briefly explain our use case.

Within our application, sometimes more than 10 people work on different ‘projects’. With active use here, the list of projects can become quite long quite quickly, which can make it difficult to keep an overview of the existing projects. Added to this is the fact that some projects are short-term tests and completed quickly and others are more long-term.

So we would like, by adding additional summary items on which to filter/search, to give the user more overview in the list of projects. Now this can only be done by searching on the project name.

If you can only sort on the summary items and you search for a term exactly halfway through, you then have to click through several pages, which does not help in the overview.

So this tends a bit towards a simplified version of a CRM system.

Ideally, there will be a filter menu somewhere in the folder. But I understand that this is quite invasive and cannot be realised quickly. A quick fix for us could also be that the search bar also includes the values in the summary items in the search.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out.

Kind regards,

Wouter van Goudoever