Display child entities based on condition in ChildEntityManager

In a ChildEntityManager, is there a way to display child entities based on some condition?
For example, in the following example, just display the rows with a ‘Living area’ bigger than 100 m2


Hi Fulei,
That’s not possible at the moment, all children are shown. Could you explain you are trying to achieve?

Hi Matthijs,
This is to improve the user interface and show entities in different stages in different boxes.
One example could be: entities are drawings that need to be verified by an engineer. I would like to separate the list of drawing that have already been verified from the entities that are pending verification.
Right now, I’m solving this problem by creating different entites that are almost identical, but this complicates a lot the logic and there are more errors.
This feature would make the logic of the application much easier and robust.
Best regards,