Tiled and Stacked Geometry View

Hello Viktor Community,

I want to propose a new feature for the Geometry view within the app. It would be immensely beneficial if we could support multiple instances of the Geometry view in a single application window. The desired layouts include:

  1. Tiled Square Views: Display the views in a grid or mosaic pattern, much like tiles.
  2. Stacked Views: Arrange the views on top of each other, offering a scrolling mechanism to navigate between them.

Additionally, for the tiled geometry view, it would be advantageous to have an option to either allow the views to be rotated or keep them static.

For context on the envisioned interface, you can reference the displays in Google Delve and Revit’s generative design. As an illustrative guide, please check out this video from 7:00 to 21:00.

Implementing this feature would significantly enhance the experience for those looking to develop generative design applications. Your feedback and consideration would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

Hi Bayo,

Thanks for adding this to the community! Hopefully this will spark a public conversation on how the perfect implementation should work and look like.

I noted that there is another community support question that looks very similar to your request. I will notify those authors of this feature request as well.

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