Multiple output views

Hey team,

We are just getting started with using Viktor and are trying to understand if it possible to show multiple output views at the same time.

I know it is possible to do geom+data for example but we would love have geom+ graph at the same time for our project.

Is there a way we can achieve this?


Hi Will,

You can find all available views here: Results & visualizations | VIKTOR Documentation

It is currently not possible to combine a GeometryView and PlotlyView into a single view.

It might be good to mention that it is possible to show multiple views in a single editor, albeit on separate tabs. This is achieved by adding more than 1 method with a view decorator on the Controller , such as the example below:

class Controller(ViktorController):

    @GeometryView("3D Model", duration_guess=2)
    def method_1(self, params, **kwargs):

    @DataView("Cost overview", duration_guess=1)
    def method_2(self, params, **kwargs):

    @GeometryAndDataView("Combined", duration_guess=3)
    def method_3(self, params, **kwargs):

You can use the persistent storage feature to store results, which can be reused across multiple views to prevent additional calculation time.

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