Table output

Hi there, again…

I try to find a way to create a nice looking table for output to the user but it seems that the only option is the DataView and it looks like that does not cover my needs. What I am trying to do is to report to the user a list of info like

soilname, top, bottom
peat, -1, -2
clay, -2, -4

For now I solved this by using a webview and creating a table element dynamically but this looks ugly… is there a way to create tables with three columns in a nicer way?


Hi Rob,

We do not offer a specific table view, however you can use certain Python packages for this. For example plotly or bokeh, in one of our sample apps we make use of plotly: GitHub - viktor-platform/sample-automatic-machine-learning: Sample app to show how easy it can be to distribute versatile machine learning solutions to people with no experience in it

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Perfect, works like a charm… thanks!