Section default collapsed/expanded

Hi devs,

Would it be possible to set a default for a parametrization section to be collapsed or expanded when opening a new page?

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Hi Nino,

Thank you for your question. Currently, it is not possible to set the state of the section (open/collapsed). The state of the section is determined based whether it is the first section of a page/step or not, with the first section by default being open, and the rest being collapsed.

Could you explain why you would like this to be customizable for your case?

Hi Marcel,

Basically just clarification for the user.

As can been seen in the current app design, because i am using sections on the first page, i cannot put anything “outside” of section e.g. a welcome/explenation text, which i want to be open when starting the app and the reason i put it first.

On the right(view) a graph is visualized with default data (in the future), but i want to make it really clear where to upload and activate a custom data graph. Thus, i’d like to set the section standard to be expanded for the particular section.

Its not a really big deal, but it could also help me on other pages to kind of represent important params(expanded) and less important params(collapsed), with less important i mean params with default values that will suit most usecases.

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Hi all,

I agree with Nino that this would be a nice addition. It can be especially useful to indicate which parameters are (not) important.


Thank you for the thorough explanation. This helps us to better understand the limitations, and to improve upon it. I’ve changed this support question to a feature request.

A workaround would be to use a flat parametrization, and making fields visible through toggles that can switch the visibility of the parameters that are less important. I understand that this approach is not ideal, but could maybe help in your case for the moment.

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