Revit X VIKTOR Proof-of-Concept App

Attention Revit Enthusiasts!
Check out my first app using Revit in VIKTOR, it letโ€™s you upload a .rvt model, renders the floor plans for you in Revit via a generic worker and displays them in the app!
Wanna try it out yourself, I have made the Github repo public!
Unfortunately my app is a little bit slow because it needs to render 7 drawings, I have made it run headless (no GUI) but that has not made the large time saving I was hoping for. If you have any ideas to improve this let me know!



nice one! is there other possibilities than view? could we add markups?

Hi @Yien!
The possibilities are quite endless! Thanks to the pyRevit script, you can send most functionalities in Revit as a set of instructions for pyRevit to execute, all the possible instructions you can add to the script can be found in the Revit API. The output is not limited to views, you could extract data, modify objects/views, etc and choose how you want to display it in VIKTOR.
Hope that answers your question!