Possibility to fetch workspace_id from code (or deeplink to entity)

Is there a way to programmatically get the workspace_id of an entity?

We have an app that were an entity shows the result of al lot of child entities. It would be user-friendly to supply a deeplink to that specific child-entiry. That would for example allow the end-user easy inspection of a child that didn’t pass certain calculations.

Because the calculation is not a “quick” one, we’re unable to use summary for this (source). Since the url’s are predictable, we could easily add a html link to that child. But without the workspace_id, we can’t fully generate the url. I tried using a relative url (like ../3281), but it turns out the result-view are in an iframe with a completely different url.

Hi there,

Interesting use-case, could you give me a little more information about the context of what you’re trying to accomplish? What method are you using to provide the results to the user? For instance, in our MapView it is already possible to link to other entities.

Providing these possibilities in other ways throughout the app is something that might be an interesting feature request. I will make an internal issue to track this and change your post type to a feature request.

Alternatively you could currently create a work-around through hard-coding the workspace id into your code, as this id will not change once the workspace is created.

So please let me know a little bit more about your case so I can specify the feature request even further. Maybe we could even find a more suitable work-around for you.

Thanks for the quick reply.

Some context:
At this stage we don’t show the result yet, but we’re finishing up exploring the technical possibilities and the wishes from out stakeholders. It will probably look something like this:

So each child entity will be tested on multiple criteria. There’s probably gone be some 50 - 100 child entities.

That why we’re using a parent entity. That way we can create the child entities in bulk and automatically populate their parameters, without the tedious work of opening each child entity by hand. We’d like to present the outcome of all the child in the same way: as a large table within the parent entity.

When a used want’s to finetune the parameters of a failed entity, it would be nice if it could be opened with a single click. Otherwise you’d have to remember the entity’s name and find/search it in the entitylist (on the Blader page of the parent).

Using Mapview:
Good to know that is it possible there! For this use-case probably use an intuitive way to present the result, since we need to show several criteria per entity.

That could definitely work. And if we want to use more than 1 workspace with that app, we could also store the workspace_id in a parameter from the parent entity.
I just wanted to make sure there’s not an already builtin way, before doing something like that :slight_smile:

Thank you so much for all the information, this is really valuable input for our design process!
Hopefully the work-around is suitable for you for now.
As said, if any developments follow we will keep you updated in this post.

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