Malformed connection

Could not connect to the VIKTOR platform: Malformed connection

This is the error that pops up while installing

Hi @murali.manoj,

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Could you have a look to see whether you have a stable internet connection? And if you do, could you try running viktor-cli check-system to see if your system is fully ready to start developing?

Hi @Daniel

Yes it has stable connection and please refer following screenshot

interesting, your installation seems to have worked. Is the problem persistent? Meaning that it doesn’t happen just once in a while but consistently every time you run viktor-cli start.
In that case I would suggest (based on this post) to run viktor-cli configure one time. You can just leave all the answers to the prompts that follow blank as it will have saved the correct values already.

Another thing @bvanderhulst just pointed out to me is that you’re storing your files from a OneDrive folder. You could try to put them in a local directory and running the app from there.

Let me know if that helps!


Hi tried configure it didnt work and I tried doing in other D drive still shows same error

Hi @murali.manoj,

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We’ve checked the platform logs and it seems there’s trouble accessing parts of the cloud environment. This might be due to connectivity or SSL issues.

To resolve this, you can refer to this guide: Getting Started - Cloud-based development | VIKTOR Documentation. It provides detailed instructions for setting up cloud development environment, which might help address the issue in managed IT environments.

For additional assistance with connectivity in enterprise IT setups, you can find help here: Manage apps - Enterprise IT | VIKTOR Documentation.

Feel free to ask if you need further assistance!