Layer control,Layer Transperancy on GEOJSON view

Hello @all

I really like Viktor’s Geojson view, very fast and very attractive but adding some features would make it the best.

I am looking for something like a layer control, Layer transperancy to turn on or off on map (Yes it is possible with params but it will reload again which wastes user time).

It would really help us if you consider these features.

As an example Folium has layer control.

welcome to the forum @rohith007 !

thanks for your feature request(s), very valuable to learn what you need and great that you explained potential worksaround and their limitations.

adding a image on map view

I think this is a dupicate of an existing feature request: Overlapping an image to a map

would you mind rewriting this feature request a bit?

  • moving your usecase and desires for “image on map” to the other feature issue
  • changing this feature issue to only be about layers (i don’t think we have that request yet :slight_smile: )

bonus q: what are the limitations of folium that make you prefer the viktor geojson view?

Hi @matthijs,

thanks for your reply.

Folium doesnt allow to read a user input in backend. For example if i want to draw a polygon on map and want those to read in my code I cant do that with Folium.

Hi @matthijs,
as info: I have tried to make leaflet using HTML and Javascript in Web view. This is how i was thinking to have in native Viktor map views. Because with this Web view I can handle the layer control and transperancies in frontend app but cannot retreive those params back to my code.
Even when a user want to draw something in this leaflet map, those parameters cannot be retreived.

It will be very helpful if we have this feature in native Viktor views, bacause user who will be a non developer feels waste of time when a view is always reloading when something like transperancy changes.

Yeah i understand, thanks for the extra context!

An alternative solution direction might be this: WebView interaction

This would enable you to send back parameters