Is there any way to delete an app


Is there any way to delete an app?

Hi Darshan,

It is currently not possible to delete apps yourself. There are, however, developments underway to give the possibility to archive apps yourself. This will help in the case If you want to have an overview of all the relevant/working apps.

Would archiving be adequate for you? If not, could you elaborate your case?

Hello Marcel,

To be honest, I am trying my hands on VIKTOR and while exploring I created few apps which I do not need and if I am right, the apps must be consuming memory and one of my issue where I found that my account was hitting a storage limit. So, I though deleting extra app might help me. However, storage limit issue has been solved.

Thank you for your help.

Hi Darshan,

Thank you for the clarification. Apps can be seen as containers for your code, and only get computational resources once they are connected to a workspace (roughly speaking). You therefore do not have to worry about the apps, as the constraint is on the workspace side.

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