Integration of Real-Time Computation Results within Dynamic Array Rows

Description of the limitation and why it is relevant to address

As a user, I wish to view the results of straightforward computations directly in an OutputField situated within a row of a Dynamic Array. This limitation restricts my ability to monitor results in real-time within a dynamic data structure. Addressing this issue would significantly enhance the user experience by enabling immediate, contextually relevant data analysis and feedback within the array itself.
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Submitter proposed design (optional)

A possible solution could be to integrate functionality that allows computational results to be displayed within a Dynamic Array row. This would entail enabling computations within the array and presenting their results in an OutputField in each row.

Current workarounds

As of the current system limitations, there are no known workarounds to surmount this issue.

Hi Enrique,

Thank you for your feature request.
As you’ve clearly noticed this is a known limitation, because of that we are already gathering input for the ongoing discussion on possible new developments regarding this specific issue.

I will add your use-case to the internal issue tracker and will inform you in this post when any developments follow from it!