How can I send an email from a viktor application

I would like to be able to send an email from a viktor application, but don’t know really if and how I can do that (or perhaps this is a feature request). Ideally, in a similar fashion as the new “report problem” functionality, I would like to send an email from

Usecases (a.o):

  1. A (very) lengthy calculation is done → the user gets an notification by email: calculation is ready.
  2. Notifying a developer of something (e.g. number of calculations, a caught exception, a change request, etc.).
  3. Notifying a projectleader of changes in some kind of project.

From a security point of view I don’t really like to set-up a third party (external) smtp-server with a login.

Hi Wichard,

As you mention, it is possible to send emails from python using an smtp server. But a viktor-service allowing you to send viktor-emails this is not something that we provide at this moment.

Thank you for the explicit use-cases, I have moved your question to feature requests and added it to our internal tracker. Would you mind providing a bit more details to understand your use-case?

  1. This is a clear case to me!
  2. Notifying the developer
    • A caught exception: as of recently, you can send an email to the developer when an unexpected (pyhton) error occurred, with the “send to developer” option, we expect that this is not as needed for UserExceptions, which we see as cases the developer expected. Maybe you have a different view?
    • number of calculations: what would you use this information for?
  3. At this moment we do not distinguish a user from a project leader. In your opinion, what should this role look like? What would be the advantages be of integrating this “notification” in VIKTOR as opposed to sending them a short email and/or keeping up with the “group activity”?

Thank you for the input!

Hi Paulien,

  1. Probably the best usecase I could think of.
  2. Notifying the developer
  • A caught exception: Maybe not the best usecase but: imagine a userexception that frequently turns up and doesn’t make sense to the user, but should be changed or fixed (maybe the third bullet is a better for this)
  • number of calculations: what would you use this information for?
    I can imagine you want to log the number of calculations (or maybe better: calculation time) neccesary (e.g. for a iterative calculation) so you can quantify if the solving algoritm needs to be improved. Also as developer you can log how many times a certain app is actually used to quantify if the app is (financially) viable.
  • change-request/ bug-report : this could be a way to solve: Add an issue/bug tracker to apps. I imagine a top-level entity where a user can submit feedback directly inside the app-workspace.
  1. Again this is maybe not the best use case (I just tried to think of multiple usecases). But I can imagine that someone who really wants to keep track of changes on a specific project(Entity). Keeping up with the group activity is not really user friendly, because a group could (potentially) be a lot of people.

Does this help?