Gathering and upvoting of user feedback within applications

As a USER I want to be able to be able to see and upvote feature requests submitted by other users on the application in question, so that I feel like my feedback matters and I can see transparently what ideas other users have in terms of functionalities. I feel like my voice is heard this way

As a DEVELOPER, I want to benefit from the new feature that allows for the end-users to submit their feedback via a link to the feedback form, and get a better overview of the most popular feature requests with end-users (aggregate them by topic + make them up-votable)

I think this is relevant for the VIKTOR platform because it will shorten the feedback loop between the application developers and users, resulting in better adoption of applications

Submitter proposed design (optional)

It would be great to aggregate the submitted feature requests on the right-hand side of the workspace, with the ability for the users to interact with those (by upvoting them, filtering and searching them…)

Current workarounds

All that comes to mind is the classical user interviews/ user stories that need to be done by the developers, and cost a lot of time. Based on this information gathered in surveys/ user interviews, developers can aggregate the most popular requests

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Also requested by: @Wichard , and myself

"First of all, I really love the new feedback functionality! So thanks for implementing that! It is much more straightforward for our users than all the previously entities we implemented ourself dedicated to tracing user feedback. I also support this feature request! ( FYI: I think I posted a similar request 2 years ago: Add an issue/bug tracker to apps - :bulb: Feature Requests - VIKTOR Community)

I would also like to see a dedicated page (e.g. on the landing page) to review all feature requests (with a voting system), reported problems, and bug reports in one view. Not only for devs but also for users. It would also be really cool to add some kind of status to them.

Mathijs and Tyla have already shown me an idea how this could look, and it seemed to be adequate for our needs.