Drawing in a canvas space

Description of the limitation and why it is relevant to address

As a user, I would like to draw simple geometries that I could use as a driver or input for my application.
Example: I would like to draw a polygon that could be used as a sketch to describe a floorplate, cores, etc…

Submitter proposed design (optional)

Attached an example from Hypar. Even the usability of the tool is important. The possibility of tracing straight lines, knowing the length are information super useful during the drawing operation.

Current workarounds

Using MapView functionality but with the map in the background, the drawing tool is very basic.

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Hi Mirco, thanks for this nicely written out feature request!

let me share a potential feature addition we have been thinking about. would love to hear from you if this would solve your usecase and if not (completely), what is lacking:

  • adding a dedicated 2DGeometryView with optional grid
  • adding fields analogous to MapView: PointField, LineField and PolygonField

Hi @matthijs
thanks for the message.
Yeah, make sense to me… what is really important is also the functionalities of the fields.
As I was showing in the video, having the possibility of drawing orthogonal lines, knowing the length, and having the possibility of changing the shape or stretching the shape by grabbing the points, could be very useful interactions.

Some examples:
As an engineer, I need to draw a floor plate boundary to calculate the distribution of the columns.
As an engineer, I need to sketch the section of my bridge to evaluate the load and the repeated section I could use in the project.
Or these ones are part of the functions Hypar has using sketches.

Thanks for the extra info. Will add your request to our internal issue tracker.

Cool keep me post it with this.