DataGroup depth

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I’m not sure if I shoould be posting this here, but regarding the DataGroup class, I know that currently it supports 3 layers, is it planned to have more depth in the next releases?


As far as I can see there’s currently no issue being tracked that covers this topic. Can I ask why you would like to see this level of depth? What is the use-case here? and why are other alternatives such as a TableView not a viable option in this case?

Hi Daniel,

I didn’t find anything in the documents related to this TableView option, if u can, please indicate to me where is this. And I understand that such depth on detail might not be so useful and/or even ‘too much’. This is a really specific use, so my idea is to create a report with such a level of detail for that.
The use case is this one:

I thought about adding a line after this top elements ULS ratio, with the name ‘Displacements’ and that would look like this:

Thanks for the reply!

Thanks for the elaboration!
Indeed the TableView is not necessarily supported in the SDK for now, it was developed by one of our own developers but as of today it still lives outside our products. To use it you can refer to this github repo, all the necessary information is there. There’s also two useful posts about it here on the forum (Snippet Wednesday - My own TableView! 🌐 and TableView formatting🪄)

Regarding your use-case, I’ll discuss this internally. I suspect in this case the current setup of the DataView is a consious design choice. But in case this feedback will cause us to re-consider that design, I’ll let you know in this thread!

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