CLI v0.19.1 has been released πŸŽ‰

CLI v0.19.1 has been released :tada:

The new version of the CLI is now available. You can upgrade using

viktor-cli upgrade



  • check-system output is less cluttered by running only venv checks by default, use --docker flag to perform docker related checks.
  • Added possibility to enter path to Python installation during CLI configuration, use python that is added to path by default.


  • Downgraded survey dependency because of bug that printed prompts twice on Windows
  • Check internet connectivity before verifying credentials for a clearer error message
  • CLI now uses separate environment backend instead of central backend
  • Update shortcut icon to new house style
  • Clear command is retried 5 times when it fails


  • Raise error when trying to start app with β€˜venv’ folder not present
  • Fixed broken link to welcome page of docs in demo app
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