Always keep the "update" button visible in the development workspaces

Description of the limitation and why it is relevant to address

As a developer I want to quickly update/refresh a view so that I can quickly test my code changes.

When I want to try out my code after a code change, I have to force the “update” button to become visible again. For example, by temporarily adjusting a parameter or by refreshing the website.

Submitter proposed design

Always keep the “update” button visible in the development workspaces.

Current workarounds

Temporarily adjusting a parameter or refreshing the website. Both take time, while I eagerly want to see the result of my code modification :smiley:.


Thanks for posting this feature request. Depending on what type of trouble you want to go through, another workaround would be to switch the duration_guess to under 3 seconds, and add an SetParamsButton that saves your results to storage/a field. The view then takes the results from storage/a field to visualize. Therefore, every time you click on the button, you will get a new visualization.

This is obviously not ideal, but I thought I’d add this as an alternative workaround :grin:

For a bit more simple workaround, I sometimes add a BooleanField that does nothing, but it’s just so I can trigger a change in the params and my views reload. Refreshing the page also works, but takes a bit longer. I understand your desire for it to be there by default!

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