XYZ axis representation on 3D view

Hello everyone,

I am creating a 3D view of a footing and I was wondering if you could replace the square showing the view side with a XYZ axis. Does Viktor possess the capability to do so or is there a way to circumvent this by adding Polylines in the shape of arrows?

Thank you for your time,
João Moço

Hi João,

Welcome to the VIKTOR community! Thank you for your question. It is currently not possible to change the navigation box in the bottom right corner of the GeometryView. Is there a specific reason for asking this question?

Hello Marcel,

Thank you for your reply! I asked this because the navigation box, for a project I’m working on currently, is not really useful and a XYZ graph would be more suited. Thank you!

Thank you for your insights. I will add your case to ways we can improve the GeometryView experience. If you would like to provide clarity for the axes to the user, a workaround could be to provide the axes as an object in the visualization, using the CartesianAxes object.

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