Where is pip-cache folder installed

Since this week after an install the pip-cache (and probably others aswell) folder is not updated. I assume it is installed at another location, but I can’t find it.
I allready recieved some help, but together we still did not solve it.
Can anyone help?

Hi Guido,

The pip-cache is in a folder called ‘.viktor’ in your home folder.
If you use windows this is: c:/Users/<username>/.viktor
If you use WSL/Linux it is in /home/<username>/.viktor

Be aware that on WSL/Linux this is a ‘hidden’ folder. They can be listed with the ls -al command.

Hoi Maarten,

c:/Users//.viktor is inderdaad de locatie waar de pip-cache geïnstalleerd wordt bij mij.
Tot voor kort althans. Want bij de laatste paar installaties, gebeurt er niets in deze folder (of elders).
Kun je helpen dit probleem op te lossen?

Hoi Guido,

You are probably using the venv isolation method (virtual environment) now. So the packages are installed in the venv.

They can be found in the venv folder in your app folder.

What is exactly the problem you are experiencing? No auto-complete in the IDE? This is probably caused by the project settings in the IDE.