Welcome to the VIKTOR Community

Welcome to the VIKTOR Community!

This Community is for everyone that is interested in developing beautiful, yet functional web-applications. At VIKTOR, we aim to unlock the world’s engineering potential, by enabling everyone to Automate the Boring and Engineer the Awesome. The VIKTOR Community will help you unlock your potential.

In these Community pages, you can find a wide variety of technical information and interesting web-development know-how. This information is subdivided in the following categories:

Automate the Boring, Engineer the Awesome
Community members share new ideas and demonstrate new technologies and innovations.

Anouncements and News
New SDK releases, Platform upgrades and other noteworthy news will be announced here.

Support (Q&A)
Ask questions about developing an app with the VIKTOR Platform

Feature Requests
Community members pitch new ideas to improve the VIKTOR Platform, making life easier for all developers and users.

Bug Reports
Community members can report any bugs and/or errors.

As a Community we value everyone’s input. Feel free to create new posts or reply to any of the existing ones (requires an account). The more new perspectives and insights we get, the more this community will grow as a whole and the more it will give back to each of its members.

To ensure that we all get the most out of the Community Forum, please read our Terms of Service to make sure you use the Forum in the best way possible.