Visibility in DynamicArray by Row index

I’m wondering if it is possible to make a column only ever visible in the first row of a DynamicArray?

I was thinking of something like this.

first_row_visible = DynamicArrayConstraint(‘array_name’, IsEqual(RowLookup(‘index’), 0))

parametrization.array_name = DynamicArray()
parametrization.array_name.col_1 = TextField(visible=first_row_visible)
parametrization.array_name.col_2 = TextField()

col_1 and col_2 are visible in the first row of the DynamicArray, and only col_2 is visible in all other rows.

Thank you

Hi @sams , it’s possible to have row dependent visibilities. Here you can find more information in the docs: User input, fields and buttons - Hide a field | VIKTOR Documentation.

Hopefully this helps,

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