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I am new to VIKTOR and looking to push a Dynamo workflow to the platform. I want to query something before attempting to push my script to VIKTOR. Does VIKTOR support Dynamo custom packages/nodes, or must all the logic in the Dynamo script be built out of out-of-the-box nodes?
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Integrating with Dynamo Sandbox is similar to integrating with most software with the VIKTOR platform, where you can use a worker to establish a connection between the VIKTOR platform and the third-party software (Dynamo, in your case) that runs outside the platform.

Therefore, it should be possible to integrate with a Dynamo Sandbox script that has custom nodes. For more information on creating a VIKTOR app that is integrated with Dynamo Sandbox, refer to the following link:

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Thank you for the information!
I will have a look and let you know if I have further queries.
This might be a silly question. Concerning the worker connection. When the workflow is published to the cloud, will it be independent of the on-premise Dynamo Sandbox?

That is correct. Your Python project that defines the application will be hosted in the cloud once published, while the worker and third-party software will be running on an external infrastructure, whether that is a server, virtual machine, or your own laptop.

Here is a video that explains workers with an example. Hopefully provides this extra context:

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Hello. I have watched most of your videos, including this one.
Just making sure I understand better. Will using a worker not affect the tool’s scalability? Say I want others not within my organization to use it. A VM hosted on a cloud service would probably be a good idea in such a scenario?
Thanks for your answers. I will attempt the upload and revert with other queries.

Scalability is definitely something you as a developer should consider when developing with integrations. Our integrations allow for parallel calculations to run if permitted. The scalability in terms of hardware would then be a bottleneck one should keep an eye on. Your suggestion of a VM for such a case is indeed what we also almost always recommend.

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