Views for Tab


Is this possible to assign views for the different tabs into the Page? When the users click the any tabs, they should see the related views. We can add views parameter to Page, but I cannot see any same solution for tabs.


Hi Hakan,

Thanks for your question, indeed it is not possible to switch views for each Tab a user selects.

Can I ask why you would like it in this case though? Maybe there is another suitable solution for your particular use-case. I’d be happy to help you out with diving into this a little deeper. For instance, through using Steps rather than Pages or Tabs you can guide the user through a flow in the app while also setting specific Views to be shown on each Step.

Please provide some more description of your problem and I’ll try to provide you with the right information.

p.s. I’ll also categorize this post as a Support (Q&A) in order for other people to be able to find it if they can benefit from the same information

Hey Daniël,

Thank you for your reply. Let me explain why I need to this solution;

In this app I will use the three different page (all of them not related with each other)

However, in the last page, I want to prepare Spectrums for the different three Seismic Code (Turkish, European, American) American and European codes does not get values from the map except from Turkish code. Because of that, I want to close the MapView for the last 2 Tab. Therefore, Step will not be work I guess or it can be useable?

The another solution maybe done with “OptionField” I can change the code without the use Tabs. All tab selections can be in Option field maybe. Do you have any suggestion for this purpose?


Thanks for the additional information, very informative!

There is indeed an possibility to use an OptionField, however I think that in your specific case the app (and the user) would benefit most from a soft fix.

What I mean by that is just re-arranging the structure a little bit to guide the user to the right information naturally. So I’d suggest:

  1. Re-arrange the tabs you have in your last page so that you start with the Eurocode-8 and ASCE 7-22 and set the TBEC 2018 last. That way it lines up with the flow a user has to use in case they pick the Turkish code.
  2. Include a clear note on in the description on the TBEC 2018 tab. In this textual note, you can explain that the user has to pick a location on the MapView in order to generate the spectrums (at least in the case the choose Map Point as option for Coordinate Input).
  3. Rename the MapView to TBEC 2018 map. This would clarify the connection of the MapView to the specific code usage.

This would hopefully yield a clear and intuitive user flow in your app. If you have any additional questions please let me know!