Use a RowLookup inside an IsEqual

To control the visibility of parameters inside a DynamicArray, I have to use a RowLookup. The problem that I encounter is that it does not seem to work within an IsEqual function. If I look at the IsEqual documentation, it also does not seem to be supported. I do however not get any error indicating that it is not supported which is something I would expect.

Below a code snippet of how I use the IsEqual in the parametrization.
parameters.length = NumberField("Lengte", flex=50, default=0, suffix="m", min=0, visible=IsEqual(RowLookup('shape'), RECTANGULAR))

Am I doing something wrong or is RowLookup really not supported inside an IsEqual

Hi Vincent,

You are right, RowLookup is not supported inside boolean operators. Only for simple constraints, the RowLookup can be used. There is an existing internal issue for this usecase so it could be picked up by the platform team in the future, however it is not planned at the moment.

Thanks for the reply, I already suspected this. Is it then maybe possible to use the RowLookup in an external visibility function? My initial tests showed that this is also not possible, right?

You are correct, this is not possible.