Upload of a large file gives an out of memory Error

Hi support,

I ran into an error while uploading a xml file into one of our apps. (both live and developers environment)

While the max size of the file upload is set to 100 mb, and the uploaded file is 57 mb. This should not be an issue.

I think the processor written on the xml upload takes too long. However, the app was functioning fine before and with xml files larger than 50 mb.

any ideas?

Gr Tom

Hi Tom,

I think this error is related to the memory usage (RAM) of the application rather than the file size. By default, live applications and your development docker container will run with 500 MB RAM. If you’re using docker as isolation mode, you can check the usage of your app live, locally, with the command docker stats when you’re running the app. You could allocate more memory with viktor-cli start --max-memory 750 to have a container with 750 MB RAM and see if it this succeeds.

A good start would be to check if the processing of xml files can be done more memory efficient, however it’s known that parsing/processing large XML files can use quite some memory. If this is not the case, then we can help out with increasing the memory of your live application.