Updating python version to 3.9

I want to update my python version to 3.9 in Ubuntu. Therefore I deleted my old version (sudo apt-get remove python3.8) and installed the new version (sudo apt-get install python3.9). I can see python3.9 is now in my /usr/bin folder.

However, when I want to use my Viktor app again, it doesn’t work properly anymore. When typing ‘viktor-cli install’ I get an error:

How can I fix this?

Hi Marlies! You can fix this by running viktor-cli configure. When you go through this again, it will prompt you to provide the path to your Python installation (see reference of viktor-cli configure).

Please let us know if this solves your problem!

Hi Sylvain,

I also tried to change the path with viktor-cli configure, but that does not help either:

For the last question “Please select the path to the Python instalation that you want to use”, my only option was “manual input” and I typed “/usr/bin/python3.9”.

Do you have any other suggestions?

could it be that /usr/bin/python3 is a symlink which still points to the old executable? what happens when executing $ /usr/bin/python3 --version on the terminal?

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Hi Matthijs,

This was indeed the solution. First installing python3 by sudo apt install python3 and then changing the symbolic link with ln -sfn /usr/bin/python3.9* /usr/bin/python3 solved it.

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