Unexpected error when trying to parse a gef

I am trying to upload some .gef files but get presented with unexpected error messages when trying to do so. The method in which the error is raised is shown below.

The error is raised in line 120 when trying to parse the gef data, see below.

I have attached the .gef files for which this error is raised to this ticket. If someone can help me find out what’s causing this error and what a fix could be that would be greatly appreciated.

CPT000000024793_IMBRO_A.gef (4.8 KB)
CPT000000024794_IMBRO_A.gef (4.8 KB)
CPT000000031028_IMBRO_A.gef (8.2 KB)
CPT000000031029_IMBRO_A.gef (8.2 KB)
CPT000000031030_IMBRO_A.gef (8.2 KB)
CPT000000031031_IMBRO_A.gef (8.2 KB)
CPT000000031032_IMBRO_A.gef (8.2 KB)
CPT000000040209_IMBRO_A.gef (8.2 KB)
CPT000000040348_IMBRO_A.gef (4.6 KB)

The provided GEFs do not have a friction coeficient (Rf or fs) in it. This is currently not supported by the GEF parser.