Turn off print statement in progress message

I just updated the SDK to 13.6.1 and my terminal gets spammed with progress messages. Hoe do I turn this off??


Hi Johan,

It looks like this is a message you generate in your own code, because it is in dutch. So I would guess you’ve set up a progress_message somehwere? Or maybe you raise an error somewhere?

yes it is the progress message that gets returned to the user, which works just fine.

But it shouldn’t be visible in mij development terminal.
It seems like there is a print statement inside the Viktor progress_message function since 13.6.1. Which now spams the terminal.

Hi Johan,

This is a feature that has been requested by many of our clients, and was introduced in SDK v13.6.0. As far as I know, there is currently no option to turn off the print statement. I will add this request to make the print optional to our internal tracking system.

Please note, I have updated the Category of this topic to Feature Request

Hi Kevin,

Great, I think the feature is great. The only problem is that we return a lot of info to the user, which results in a lot of printing. Which causes a lot of spam in the terminal. So making it optional would solve it for sure. :slight_smile: