Trigging PNG view


Is there a method to trigger a View without having to press update? For example, I have a list of images in a dropdown menu and want the PNGView to update to the image selected when I change that option. I know setting the duration guess to a lower number will have it update, but this triggers an update with every change in the parameters and having it load everytime is annoying.

Here is a video example of what I’m doing. Pressing update for an image to show up everytime is not ideal.


Hi Charlie,

Thanks for your question. At this moment the only method to have views auto load is to make it a ‘fast’ view using the duration_guess parameter. This will indeed trigger on every parameter change.

To let our team understand your problem better and maybe in the future improve on this, what is exactly annoying for you using the current ‘slow’ (with update button) and ‘fast’ (auto update) view:

  • Why is it annoying to have it loading every parameter change?
  • Why is the problem with the update button? to many clicks?
  • Could you describe the desired functionality in more detail?

I have reclassified this post as ‘Feature Request’

Hi @mweehuizen,

Thanks for getting back to me.

  1. The loading takes time, maybe a few seonds everytime, and for the current app I’m working on a user has to fill out a table of infomation, potentially maybe a lot of cells long (10-100). The time for the photo to reload to the same image would be annoying and inefficent.

  2. Personally I think making the user go through 2 steps(set parameter, then click update) on separate sides of the screen doesn’t seem like a smooth UI to me. One top of this, the update button being red does alert the user but almost gives the impression of an error (Maybe thats just me overthinking it).

  3. Preferably I would like there to be two added functioanilities. One is having a parameter trigger an update in the Viewport. This would be used when only one parameter is driving the viewport information. The second is having an ‘update’ button within the parameters section of the app, so it is all contained within one section of the screen for a more streamline process for the user. In this instance, I imagine the user setting 2+ parameters before clicking update.


Hi Charlie, thanks for sharing you insight. This is value feedback for our future product development. I have added this to our internal issue tracker.