Trigger SetParamsButton from change of OptionField

VIKTOR connector v5.17.1
VIKTOR SDK v12.9.0

Hi, my Parametrization contains several input fields and a SetParamsButton. This button retrieves values from a loaded .csv file to use as new input for the input fields. When I change a specific field (a OptionField isn this case), I need to click the SetParamsButton manually. I would like a way to automate the call of the set_param_a function with the change of the mentioned OptionField, is that possible?


Hi Boudewijn!

Currently it is not possible to trigger a custom callback function on changing a field. However, it is permitted to use callbacks in certain usecases in parametrization. For example to dynamically set the allowed options on an OptionField. If a callback does not solve your problem, could you describe the behaviour you would like to see in more detail? Then I will flag this as a Feature Request.