Track usage of public apps

Description of the limitation and why it is relevant to address

As an administrator and product owner I want to get more fine-grained insights in the usage of apps that have been made public so that the impact of a development can be measured more thoroughly (how many different users are using the tool for example)

I think this is relevant for the VIKTOR platform because it provides even more insights to the developments that have been done.

Submitter proposed design (optional)

Not sure what can be tracked, but maybe IP addresses or so to get an idea of the number of users.

Current workarounds

Only the total number of views get tracked, which is quite limiting (a single person could have logged into the app a 1000 times for example).

Requested by

Darren L.

This could potentially also be an issue in the future for Maria C. when switching an internal tool to a public tool available for everyone.