Text formatting in UserError

Is it possible to use text formatting in a UserError? I have a case where I perform a check whether values in a table are up to date with the rest of the input, if not I raise a UserError and tell the user they should press the button to generate the values in the tabel again. When referring to this button I think it would look nice if I could make it italic but I am not sure if this is at all possible.

Hi Rutger,

As far as I know this currently isn’t possible. Could you think of other uses for more elaborate formatting possibilities for UserMessages or progress_messages?

Of course I’d also like to invite anybody else with more ideas on this feature to share them here. I’ll change this post to a Feature request. That way people can also vote on it :arrow_up:

Hi Daniel,

Personally I would use italic text to indicate buttons/fields the user has to interact with, underline text if the text is important but not crucial and bold text if something is crucial.

For example if you are running a batch calculation it might be nice to very explicitly inform the user to not cancel the job, close their laptop or change internet connection (Ethernet to WiFi or vice versa). Just an example of the top of my head but there might be nicer/better examples out there :smiley:

Support for markdown would be great! I don’t know if LateX support is necessary, but some formatting would be nice.

As an example: When we do a batch calculation for several child entities and there’s an error in one (or multiple of them), we could even add links for them to open in a new tab.

Another example would be to refer to params using inline code ticks (`), so they are easier formatted. Like:

Be sure to set "top height" above the highest point.