Sustainability - MKI

Description of the limitation and why it is relevant to address

Dear Viktor team,

I am requesting not so much a feature, but I think more a dataset or module regarding sustainability. Sustainability is an important topic, and as engineers, I feel like we’d like to quantify the impact on the environment. Currently, the way to go is using MKI values in the Netherlands. For a project, I worked with input data from .

I’d very much like the database to be accessible when building the VIKTOR tools. Whenever a volume is calculated, it provides an opportunity to also determine the MKI. In the VIKTOR demo parametric building structure I saw some output regarding the MKI. I don’t know if there is already any connection with the milieudatabase, or does it use some key figures?

Submitter proposed design (optional)

Would it be possible to access the milieudatabase using a Viktor module? Like something like the viktor.geo module?

Current workarounds

Look up the values in the milieudatabase and enter them manually.

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Hi Yida, thanks for your contribution!
do you know if the milieudatabase has an API to get the data? If that’s the case, implementation inside a viktor app should be doable.

For the sake of being complete: just had a quick look at the code for this sample app (It’s open source and can be found here) and there is no connection to MKI, just some default values stored in a separate constants file (this one)

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Matthijs and Roeland, thanks for your reply!

I don’t know if there is an API available for the milieudatabase. I have asked the question to ‘Stichting Nationale Milieudatabase’ via mail and I’ll keep you updated.

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Great I have an answer:

Yes, there is an API to pull data from NMD. Find below url of the API.**_v2.0**/api/NMD30_Web_API/getUpdatesbyDay**_6**?ZoekDatum=20220120&includeNULLs=true

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I get the following response, which seems to indicate that this needs an Access_Token. Do you get another result or know how to get such a token?


BTW: from inspecting the network tab on i see it calls instead, which seems to contain be a graphql endpoint.

Hi Matthijs, I get the same result.
I’ll send you a dm.

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