Sunlight Hours Analysis with Grasshopper and Ladybug 🐞 πŸ¦— 🦏

Hi there,

As we believe in the powers of cloud based parametric design in shaping AEC future. We’ve just launched a new public Grasshopper app here :rocket:

In this app, you can design a tower using the Grasshopper parametric design approach. additionally, the app integrates with Ladybug Tools to initiate a Sunlight Hours Analysis with a toggle. You can find the grasshopper and python files for this app in this Github :computer:

This version of the app depends on a direct connection to a Rhino Compute Server. Ensuring seamless and efficient performance. More info about our collaboration with McNeel can be found in our blog. You can easily start creating your grasshopper cloud based apps following our Docs:books:.

Your insights matter! Share your thoughts and ideas here, so we can tailor our tools to your needsπŸ’‘

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