Summary item based on outputField

I want to show an output field in the summary. However I get the following error:

It also isn’t possible to refer to the output field with key-word “Name”

How can I show an OutputField in the summary? Is it required to create a DataView which will be shown in the Summary? Or a HiddenField which can be automatically calculated and not only set by a button?

Hi Johan,

Even though it is on the left side of the screen, an OutputField is treated as an output. You may notice that it is also not present in the params (that is why the name keyword can not be used, it is not present in the params so renaming it is not relevant). Besides that, the only fields from the params you can use in the summary are NumberField, IntegerField and TextField as discussed here

If you want to show a result or output in the summary, you will need to add it to a DataView indeed. for more datail you can check the documentation here.

Thanks you for the quick response.

I thought the same, however there is no DataView present at the moment, which is why I thought there could be a better way to show c = a + b in the Summary where as a and b are part of the parametrisation and c isn’t.

In my case it was a YES/NO based on a correct input of an table.

I found a workaround though. So it works already

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Hi Johan,

Great! Would you mind sharing your workaround in case anyone else runs into the same issue?

Well it’s a specific situation.
I wanted to check if a table (List[Dict]]) had been filled correctly. I usually fill this fable with a SetParamsButton. So instead of only filling the table, I also fill a TextField that isn’t visible to the user with a string which is displayed in the Summary.

The flaw could be if the user fills it manually, but there will always be an userException raised if the input isn’t correct.

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