Stuck because of unloaded MapView in other Step

Hi there,

I’ve noticed (in my development environment and in published apps) the following scenario occurring:

I enter a Step which has a MapView, the MapView calculation begins. Before it finishes, I move on to the next Step. The ‘working’ status remains visible in the upper right corner, and I cannot press buttons (this remains the case for at least a minute, I’ve never bothered waiting longer). Only when I move back to the previous Step and let the MapView be generated, I can continue on again.

The scenario is relevant in the context that someone has carried out most Steps, and just wants to scroll through them to check some things here and there - or when I’m developing something in distinct Steps and quickly want to move between them.

The same might occur for different Views, but I haven’t tested this.

Am I doing something wrong/is there a way for me to prevent this from happening, or is it possible for you to prevent this from happening?

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Hi @BCO ,

Thank you for posting this. We will have to dive into this matter further, but I totally agree that this should not happen, as this will give a bad user experience to any user. I’ve added this to our internal issue tracker, and will relabel this as part of the “Bug & Error Reports”.

We will keep you posted on this matter.

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Hi @BCO ,

We are trying to reproduce this issue, but without success. Could you check if you could reproduce this error?

It might not be connected at all but I found a problem connected with Viktor PDFView (with duration_guess < 4). Assumptions:

  • Multi step application with few tabs of PDFView on first step
  • When user will try to click “Next step” button (from 1 step) before all tab views are loaded completely, it will cause an error. It is crashing app even after the tab views will finish loading, so the user can not move forward until the whole app will be restarted.

Hi @jzogala ,

We were able to reproduce this error, and we are looking into resolving this. Thanks for reporting this.

Thanks for looking into this @mslootweg. I have managed to reproduce this issue just now, but I also see a way around this. For the Entity in which this problem occurs, the duration_guess for MapView was way too small compared to the time required to load all geometries. With the appropriate duration_guess, the MapView loading stops (the ‘update’ prompt appears) and I can move onto another Step and click buttons…

So now I’m wondering: are you able to reproduce this issue by creating a similar scenario?

The problem appears solved in the sense that proper duration_guess-configuration solves/prevents it, so I’m interested to hear what you think you’ll (not) do with this case…

Thank you. This seems clear. We will investigate this and try to resolve this as soon as possible.

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