Storing a large amount of images: VIKTOR storage or other solution?

Hi all,

I have been making a few VIKTOR apps for the last three months and everything has been great so far. For my current project we are making an asset management tool. I currently have build an interface to interact with a MongoDB-atlas database via their data API; so far everything works as expected.

All the assets (about 10.000) in the database will have a few photos of their serial number and nameplate; my question is: how can I store this amount of pictures? I have been using viktor.core.Storage for now, but is this scalable to about 50k images of max 5Mb? Or are there other options I should explore?

Another option would be GridFS from mongoDb, but this would not be my first choice.

Thanks a lot.

Hi Ruben,

First of all, welcome to the VIKTOR Community Forum! Thank you for posting this question.

Your particular case is quite specific and therefore quite hard to answer without some further investigation into the particular use-case, as there are some limitations and opportunities here. We will contact you directly to come up with a proper solution together.

Kind regards,