Space Truss Structure Configurator by Grasshopper & LunchBox 🦏 🦗

Hi there,

As an architect with focus on parametric design, I am passionate about exploring Grasshopper tools in the AEC. This is a work-in-progress app with Grasshopper & Lunchbox. The end goal is to configure space truss structure system for any geometry that you upload, and get initial estimation of cost and shaded area.

The Parameters are : Truss depth, radius,U & V divisions and diagonals diameters. The app uses a defined Grasshopper geometry/area for this example.( Uploading other geometries is under development :slight_smile: )

Feel free to test the app yourself on github and share your ideas or questions with me. I would be happy to consider them in my progress.

My next steps would be:

  • upload and choose between different geometries and estimate cost accordingly.
  • toggle button to switch on/off the truss covering and select coloring.

If you’d like to explore how to build your own VIKTOR app integrated with Grasshopper, feel free to follow elaborate guide. You can start building apps for free now!

Happy coding :computer: