Sort option table Field

Description of the limitation and why it is relevant to address

I can’t sort tables based on a input parameter, which should be a fundamental method of a table (read params, sort list based on key x, set params in previous table)

Submitter proposed design (optional)

Sort option per column Ascending/Descending

Current workarounds

Copy paste Excel, sort, copy past UI


Hi Johan, thanks for creating this feature request.

Can you add context on why this is valuable to you? What kind of problem(s) does this solve and for who (developer/end-user)?

Hi Mathijs,

It is mainly for the end-user. It was a review point after using an application for a project which a lot of rows. In general the end-user expects certain default behavoir based on Excel, which in this case wasn’t present.
As the database also serves as a single point of truth other people will check the applicatie for certain parameters and it would be nice to quickly sort on a certain column without having to copy it to excel first. Especially as the headers are not copied.