Showing AHN in GeoTools gives a ClientResponseError

Which tool versions are you using?

SDK: unknown
Platform: v23.01.2
Python: unknown
Isolation mode: live app
App: GeoTools

Current Behavior

In the GeoTools app, our user Antoine got an error, upon showing the AHN.
First he showed the gross sections without the AHN, then it all worked fine. Afterwards he enabled ‘Show AHN’, wich gave this error.

Expected Behavior

It should display the AHN in the CPT view.

Context (optional, but preferred)

It is a live app, and he reported the error. I’ll past the error message, but as far as we were able to trace, it seems like the URL doesn’t work anymore. It is reffering to the a AHN2, which Antoine said was quite old.

Also, I’m now forwarding the question as we don’t have the source code of this app. But for this app, we dont add anything really in helping fix the bug. So for this app, we think the error info should go strait to Viktor.

AHN erroir incl stacktrace and params.txt (4.0 KB)

Hallo Johan.

Thanks for reporting. We will look into this issue. We will report back to you when we have a fix or solution.



Update: indeed the error is because the AHN2 dataset has been deprecated and removed (AHN1 en AHN2 nu uitgefaseerd - PDOK). I updated the code to use AHN3, and those changes are up for a merge review. When the review is done and the merge request has been completed I will publish an update.

Thank you for reporting!

This issue is indeed fixed, thank you @rweigand!