Set location information for user

Description of the limitation and why it is relevant to address

As a administrator I want to have an overview of the users based on their location so that I can communicate and manage based on locations and regions.

I think this is relevant for the VIKTOR platform because it makes the platform easier to manage across regions.

Submitter proposed design (optional)

Have an extra field for user location. This can automatically be filled based on their location to make it easier to fill.

Current workarounds

Ask users to add their location in their description. This becomes impossible trying to do this for large groups.

Requested by

@Wichard , @richa.banotra , @Jon

Hi Marcel,

This sounds like an interesting request. What level of detail would this ‘Location’ require?

Could it be as simple as selecting one of our supported regions, from a dropdown? Or do you need more detail? (A country, or even a city or address)

Should it be filled in automatically, based on the location from where a user accesses the platform?

I guess country would be the most asked for, but I guess @Wichard , @richa.banotra , @Jon and others can give a better answer based on their needs.

Setting the location would be a great feature, as this lowers the threshold for a user to fill in manually. I can upon entering the environment for the first time, this could auto-generated based on GPS location or so, asking the user whether they agree or something like that. Again, I think the users of environments can give a better answer.

Also requested by @Mike684

In addition to the request above, the ability to assign regional data for a user opens the possibility to do some interesting other things, such as automatically setting preffered regional design code(s) or unit systems. Could also allow users to sort apps in the workspace overview that are relevant to their region.

LOD for me would be just country name (perhaps abbreviated): NL, BE, DE, US, AU, etc.

But also I’d say this is mostly a nice to have feature. Not at the top of my personal priority list.

LOD for us would be same: country name is sufficient.

Great stuff, thanks for contributing everyone!
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This really helps in prioritizing these features :+1:

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Yes! Suggest prepopulating Country Code based on current IP and have an optional field for the City - as this is applicable to some of our offices but not all.

Hi this would be great for us because we are doing site surveys and our engineers will need to mark where certain boreholes or other features are.

We use ArcGIS Survey123 and it has a GPS function to load the coordinates. It would be great if there was something equivalent in VIKTOR.

Image below is a screenshot of the GPS question on the Survey123 form.


It would be great if this feature were linked to my previous request to automatically set the map view based on a user’s location.