Select all options by default in MultiSelectField

I’m currently writing a code where a user can define a series of points in a table. As of right now the points in this table are plotted in a view and a line is drawn between them. Now I have been asked to add a dropdown menu below this table where a selection can be made of which points the line needs to be drawn between (the other points will still be plotted as markers).

Now I have created a MultiSelectField with all the entries from the table but in general the line will most often be drawn through all/most points. Therefore, to make the user life easy I would ideally have all the options be selected by default.

I currently have the following code in my parametrization where the options for the MultiSelectField are retrieved by checking the table. I have so far not been succesful in providing the default keyword with the same values as the options. Can someone help me with this?

Hi Rutger,

Unfortunately, as far as I am aware, dynamic defaults are not currently supported. However, in the specific case of selecting all of the options, a “select all” option should appear to the user by default. The user can click this and then only needs to uncheck the undesired options. I couldn’t find it in the changelog easily, so am unsure when this was added. It is possible you may need to migrate for this to appear.

Other than a “select all options”, if you want to dynamically set the values of a MultiSelectField, you may need a button instead as shown here. Or, in case the options of your field are defined based on a file-upload, and do not change afterwards anymore, you could set the field with all options selected in the ParamsFromFile