SDK v13.7.2 & CLI v0.26.1 released 🎉


SDK v13.7.0 & CLI v0.26.1 released :tada:

  • Improved onboarding flow for new developers
  • Input validation of a Step
  • Show/hide top-level entities on the dashboard
  • ImageView and ImageAndDataView to replace the more specific individual views.
  • Show an error and mark invalid fields with a UserError

Check the CHANGELOG for the list of SDK changes. :rocket:


SDK v13.7.1 was released, which fixes UserError to allow for multiple and non-string messages

SDK v13.7.2 was released, which includes the following changes:

  • Dynamo convert_geometry_to_glb now correctly implements transparency
  • Fixed rotation bug in Cone geometry when oriented in (0, -1, 0) direction