SDK v13.2.1 and CLI v0.18.1 released πŸŽ‰

SDK v13.2.0 and CLI v0.18.0 released

  • Interact with the Map/GeoJSONView by selecting features on the map (see the image at the bottom)
  • The manifest has been deprecated. Entities and entity types can now be fully defined within the Python files, making apps less complex
  • Apply all fixes (within the current major version) at once using viktor-cli fix (without --upgrade)
  • Various features and bug fixed in the viktor.geometry module

Some of the above features require the latest CLI, so don’t forget to update using viktor-cli upgrade

Check the CHANGELOG for the complete list of changes! :rocket:



We are currently experiencing an issue during publishing of apps which have removed the manifest. This will be fixed as soon as possible, in the meantime we advice to not remove the manifest when upgrading to SDK v13.2.0.

This issue has been resolved, you should now be able to deploy without a manifest :rocket:

SDK v13.2.1 and CLI v0.18.1 have been released, which fix an issue with codemod U77.