Scia Engineer, create_surface_support always assigns first subsoil created

Which tool versions are you using?

SDK: v13.7.1
Python: v3.10
Isolation mode: venv

Current Behavior

I have two planes with a different subsoil object.
However both planes get assigned to the same subsoil instead of the subsoil provided in the model.create_surface_support method. The subsoils get created in a correct manner though, just the assignment to the plane which doesn’t work.

Expected Behavior

Each plane support should have the correct subsoil assigned.
It is strange though as the Member Id does seem to correspond to the correct subsoil in the .xml
Scia_Veld_08 (28).xml (122.3 KB)
viktor.xml.def (119.5 KB)

     <obj id="2" nm="surface_support_p1__G2">
       <p0 t="">
           <h0 t="Member Type"/>
           <h1 t="Member Type Name"/>
           <h2 t="Member Id"/>
           <h3 t="Member Name"/>
         <row id="0">
           <p0 v="{8708ED31-8E66-11D4-AD94-F6F5DE2BE344}"/>
           <p1 v="EP_DSG_Elements.EP_Plane.1"/>
           <p2 v="2"/>
           <p3 v="p1__G2"/>
       <p1 v="2"/>

Hi Johan,

Thanks for reporting. The XML looks fine at first glance, so we will have to dive into the SCIA api a bit deeper. We will get back to you later this week.

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Hi Johan,

It turns out there is a minor bug in the XML, we are working on a fix today / tomorrow.

Hi Johan,

This should now be fixed, could you check it out? No need to upgrade your SDK version.

Hi Kevin,

Yes it works! Thanks for the quick response and fix!