SCIA binding: Add Load Panel

I’m using VIKTOR connector v5.21.0 with VIKTOR SDK v14.5.0. I’m interacting with Scia 22.1 (I know, not technically supported yet). And when I create a plane, I can only choose between a plate, wall or shell. However, I need to create a load panel, this is an option in Scia engineer itself, but I can’t find an option to set it in Viktor.

Hi Jelle,

As far as I can tell there is indeed no other type of plane than the Plate, Wall, and Shell types. But I’ve sent your question to our SCIA specialists who will come back to you soon in this topic with a more detailed answer.

Hi Jelle,

Load panels are not yet supported using the VIKTOR SCIA binding. We will add your request to our internal issue.

Gr. Kevin