Running of first app

Hello, I’m trying to run my first app using the instructions here -

At number ‘1’ on the attached image I have confirmed that the Viktor cli has installed but at number 2, the victor ‘viktor-cli install’ command ‘exits because of an error’. I have then changed the location using ‘cd’ at number 3 but this does not then recognise ‘viktor cli’ commands.

Programming is quite new to me so any help would be welcomed! Thank you in advance! :slight_smile:

Hi Dylan welcome to the community!

Could you please check your system environment variables, and see if the “Viktor” directory is present as shown below?

  1. in your Windows search type “environment variables” and click “Edit the system environment variables”
  2. click “Environment Variables…”
  3. select Path and click Edit…
  4. check whether the “Viktor” directory is present

Hello, thanks for the reply!

The ‘viktor-cli’ was present in the directory but I had to I had to manually add the path to the environment variables.

Thank you, got it working now! :slight_smile: